Tuesday, June 16, 2009


he had big, thick glasses
and wore a ball cap
which covered his tiny head
and he had been sitting there at the bar
for an hour and half
staring at the same glass of diet Pepsi
he’d asked me three times
for more ice
and two times if I had any free bar snacks
first he wanted the AC turned off
then he wanted it on again
because he felt “warm in his skin.”
finally he ordered some food
and he said, “if I get full before I’m done,
can I get a discount?”
I went to the other end of the bar
screamed at the wall
and then returned and said,
“no, that’s not possible.”
halfway through his meal
he took out a backpack and started
organizing his things
all over the bar
he pulled out some needles
and electrical devices
and started doing stuff
that diabetics do
after four hours
he finished his diet Pepsi
packed up his shit and paid his tab
“see you next week,” I said
he stopped and turned around and shouted
“you’ll see me when you see me!”
and after he walked down the stairs
I realized that maybe
just maybe
I wasn’t the weirdest motherfucker in the world

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