Thursday, June 11, 2009


one night over dinner
she brought it up
how she liked to punch a guy
when he was sleeping
“that’s not really fair,”
I said, laughing it off
“of course it isn’t. It’s just like
kicking somebody
when they’re down.”
“not exactly, babe.”
she glared at me and snapped,
“nothing is fair!”
“I know, I know. It’s true.”
we finished up our meals
skipping dessert
made love on the couch
and then on the floor
in front of a warm fireplace
we brought it up to her bedroom
where I had to put a towel
between the bed frame
and the wall
to soften the racket
when we finished
and she had finally fallen asleep
I lied awake all night
one eye open
and the other swollen shut
probably from the night before

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