Thursday, June 11, 2009


he was sitting in a coffee shop
looking out the windows
sweating from the inside
‘look at all those Christmas wreaths,’
he thought, ‘and it’s nearly March.’
a girl came in through the door
and he watched her pass by
he hadn’t had a girl in over a year
his eyes followed her with greedy interest
but just as quickly
returned to the wreaths outside
they hung from the light posts
and were still green
made from plastic and metal
after taking a slug of coffee
he set his cup on the table and said
very quietly and to himself,
“if things look the same
at this time next year
I will go over the bridge
buy a shotgun
and blow my fucking brains out.”
the girl who had passed by him earlier
walked back outside
a large paper cup of coffee in her hand
he watched her go out the door
her long legs supporting
a fantastic juicy ass
a moment after she’d disappeared
he jumped up from his table
leaving his coffee mug dancing on top
burst out the same door
and ran off into the night
around the corner and over the bridge
thinking, “why wait any longer?”

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