Monday, June 29, 2009


they’re all out there tonight
having fun
drinking and laughing
smoking cigarettes and telling stories
remember when we crashed that car?
remember that time down in Cancun?
how about that blonde you banged
in that hotel bathroom in Vegas?
they’re all loving it
the night
the revelry
and I love them for it
because when everybody else
is out causing a ruckus
getting all smashed up
and joking and laughing and fighting
it allows me to sit in this attic room
the fans blasting against my sweating skin
the pictures flapping on the wall
my American flag whipping the wall
like I’m in the middle of some great hurricane
when they are all out cavorting
it allows me to sit in this room
at this desk
and play with the world
a nearly full handle of bourbon
which I have to share with no one

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