Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I called him up on the phone
because I was about to snap open
a can of beer
I knew he shared the same affinity
for the sound of a can of beer
being snapped open
as soon as he answered
I snapped it open
and it went, “cccshhh!”
“pretty nice, huh?” I said to him
he pretended like he didn’t hear it
and instead said,
“I don’t drink anymore, man.
I’ve turned over a new leaf.
I’m gonna make something of my life.”
I took a pull from the beer
and waited a few moments, then said,
“well, your mother would be happy to hear that.”
he got very angry at me
for bringing up his mother
because he hated the woman
and wished he’d never have to see her
or hear about her ever again
so just before hanging up on me he snarled,
“fuck her, and fuck you! I’m going to the bar.”
I put down my phone
and raised my beer for a long sip
silently cheering to another job well done

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