Tuesday, June 9, 2009


when I woke up
in the morning
I was still very drunk
but also scared for my life
that fear you get
when you’ve spent time
in the blackness
lots of time in the blackness
you aren’t sure
what kind of damage you did
what relationships you destroyed
or laws you broke
crimes you were wanted for
I was very relieved
to be in my own bed
and when I looked at my phone
there were no missed calls
and no texts
from numbers known or unknown
I felt my body and aside from the normal
drinker's ache, not a scratch
but it was a more than a little disconcerting
when I went to my desk
and saw scribbled
on a pad of paper
“it was 4 pm for three hours
and then I quit existing”
and then below that
in barely legible
chicken scratch
“it was the topless sheChrist
that did this to me”

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