Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I liked to call him up
and tell him how good my life was
because I knew his was miserable
and that made me feel even better about mine
“hello?” he’d say.
“hey Nielson, what gives and what takeths?”
“that’s so stupid.”
“yeah, sure. Anyway, what’s up?”
“well, I figured out that
if I turn off the engine
at every red light
I can make it almost four miles
before the car overheats,
instead of every two miles
which is the speed
I’ve been moving at
for the last couple months.”
“oh, nice. I’m just sitting in my warm room,
drinking beer and whiskey
and listening to great music.”
“oh, it must be nice.”
“it is nice. That’s actually why I’m calling.
I wanted to make sure you knew
how good it was for me right now.”

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