Monday, June 1, 2009


I woke up more than an hour
before I got out of a bed
which was not my own.
when the dog I was sitting for
came up to the edge of the bed
and started in with a little whine,
I said, "tttsssstttt."
you can't let a dog boss you around
I soon got out of bed anyway, though
get a start on the day
it was cool but the sun was shining
and I walked the dog around our little city
him pulling and me correcting.
few people were out on the streets
drivers and pedestrians alike
the sun reflected nicely off the river
and the birds were singing in the sky
it's moments like these
I thought to myself
that really put the cherry on life
I rounded the corner into Market Square
right near my little coffee shop
I looked over at the bike racks
and without skipping a beat said,
"well, some fuckin' asshole
has finally stolen my bicycle."

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