Monday, June 15, 2009


the problem with so many people
you meet out there
on the street
in the bars
at work
or while learning swordplay
is that they all want you
to be like them
to eat like them
sleep like them
and fuck like them
speak the same language
in the same accent
like the same music
the same brand of cigarettes
drink the same beers
it’s sick, really
all sorts of fanatics
obsessed with themselves
but then you meet somebody
out there
who says, “we’re very alike,”
and six seconds later
they want to fight you
they want to smash your skull
with a rusty shovel
they want to kill you
in seventeen different ways
because you’re too much like them
you’re too similar in your ways
you eat the food that they eat
sleep on your stomach just like them
you fuck like them
and they thought they were the only one
who knew how to fuck like that
it’s uncomfortable for them
to see somebody
who so closely
reminds them of themselves
it’s almost as bad
for these people
as waking up in the morning
and looking in the mirror

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