Tuesday, June 2, 2009


we banged four times
throughout the night
and the rest of the time
I spent rubbing my stomach
and trying not to fart
we’d gotten into
some great conversation
and not too far
in the back of my mind
I was having the constant thought
which I was always having
when spending time
with a beautiful woman:
oh, hell. This one’s really gonna kill me
when things go south
so finally
in an effort to be honest with her
with myself
with the world
I just threw it out there
like throwing a stone into the water
I said, “listen, every time
I get involved with a girl
I go into it knowing
that eventually it’ll end
and she’ll probably be the one who gets hurt.”
but then my heart stopped
when she replied, “well, that’s fine,
because every time I go into a relationship
I know that eventually I’ll break his heart.”

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