Friday, June 12, 2009


what can you do with a sad girl?
you spend your whole life
dealing with your own despair
your own madness
but then you meet a glorious little girl
who makes you dinner
and rubs your back
but then one day
that glorious little girl
wakes up with a frown.
you want to go out on the roof
and scream curses at the world
at the gods in the sky
and the worms under the earth
you want to take all the knives
from the kitchen
slash apart the furniture
put your fists through the sheetrock
that makes up the walls
you want to kick over
that great big flat screen tv
and bust out all the windows
because she is keeping that frown
to herself, she won’t explain it
won’t share her torment with you
but then, after enough prodding
after enough begging and pleading,
“what’s wrong, baby girl? Why is it
that you’re looking
like the saddest girl in the world?”
finally she rolls over
and looks at you with those soft brown eyes
and she says to you, “I really don’t like it
when I bite my tongue in my sleep.”

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