Tuesday, June 9, 2009


me and my lady ripped through
a few shots of tequila
and then I checked my voicemail
there was my mother
sounding off like DOOM itself
morbid to the max
“blah blah blah…
we’re worried about your drinking…
blah blah blah…
your friend
said you were an alcoholic…
blah blah blah…
maybe you should check out AA
blah blah blah...”
after my dear mother
hung up
I put down the phone
and bit my lip
thought about my friend
and snarled,
“that fucking cunt.”
“what’s wrong?” my lady asked
as I poured us another shot
“nothing, darling.”
I clinked her glass
we tossed back the shots
and I began to pour another for me
“something is obviously wrong.”
“just lost another friend, babe.
That’s all.”

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