Wednesday, June 10, 2009


love is just another drug
you get very excited
when you see it coming your way
you drool and yearn
then it comes into your hand
and you drop the pill
it doesn’t take long
not long at all
before you’re high as fuck
high as fuck on love
you’ve got that feeling in your head
that buzz in your cock
then you’re higher than the sun
and brighter, too
nothing can affect you
but then love peaks
you look around and she knows it, too
you start in with the terrible process
of coming down
the doubt and the worry
the fear of what it’s like to live
not on the love drug
you may try to ease it with alcohol
or maybe some other pill
but your tolerance for love is too high
you would just need more and more
so you give it up for a while, love
go off into hiding and sulk alone
stay in the shadows
in the alleyways
in the attic
shaking and itching and burning
and keeping one eye open
for another hit of love

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