Tuesday, August 31, 2010


there are some mornings
you lean over
in your bed

wrapped in dirty sheets
and you puke
right on the floor

there are also mornings
you get up
and piss
in the trashcan
just for the hell of it

then there are
those other mornings
when you don’t get up at all


after a few beers
we’d look
to one another
and use that old
adage, “finally,
I’m starting to feel
like myself again.”

about a decade later
it takes a few
more beers
and feeling like
old boys
we instead
growl, “fuckin’

Monday, August 30, 2010


right now
is another time
I have to get up from my writing
to do something
much more necessary
while living here on this earth

I have to use the bathroom

plenty of people
alive today
and throughout time
have gone their whole lives
without scribbling a word
without putting together a sentence
or even a single line of poetry
and they have done fine

but for some of us
poetry is a type of addiction
a thing we are hooked on
like crack
or alcohol

so my hope is that
when I get back from the bathroom
when I get back to my addiction
my words will have
more meaning
than they have had
all night

because right now
I can say
that in a literal sense
I am full of shit