Monday, August 24, 2009


the smudge
under the seat
of one of the toilets in my apartment
there is a large and terrible smudge
it can’t be determined
what the smudge actually is
but it’s there and it’s sick
and nobody will clean it up
it’s like this silent test of will power
between the three roommates
and none of us are giving in.
I believe that they
like me
feel that whoever created the smudge
should take care of it
wipe it off the seat
and sterilize the area which it covered
make it somehow disappear
but day after day it is still there
and I can feel the tension mounting
none of us have spoken of the smudge
it’s too awful a subject to bring up
what with loathsome jobs
bad backs
and the utility bills now due
there are bigger and more pressing issues
like rent coming up
the toilet paper running out
and the Sox being now six games behind the Yankees
but this smudge
it remains
day in and day out
growing longer and wider each night
driving splinters of insanity into our eyes
filling our ears with whispers of insanity
filling our minds with accusations and curses
oh, help me god!
I can’t stand even being here any longer
I run now
I run away from it all
and back out into the night

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