Wednesday, August 12, 2009


just another day
the humidity today
is like a great big wrestler
who has your head
locked inside his armpit
while he rocks back and forth
choking the life out of you
and because of this
the animals are lazy
yes, the animals are lazy today
lazier than ever before
the dogs won’t even lift their heads
to go for a walk
and the cats sprawl out in the shade
meowing curses at the sky
as I pass by sweating
sweating from my face
and my arms and my legs
and my balls
they sweat, too
I loaf along
too hot to complain out loud
I keep my thoughts to myself
occasionally letting out weak groans
deep sighs
crossing the road
I see a squirrel
and the squirrel is not
moving how squirrels move
it is just ambling along
no hopping today
no bounce in this little squirrely’s step
just one paw in front of the other
left right
left right
moving like some tiny grizzly bear
shambling along
doopty doo
doopty doopty doo
just another day in the steam room
another hellish day in July
in New Hampshire
now that the summer has finally come
another day
just another day

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