Friday, August 28, 2009


my little game
it has become like a game
my little game
to submit a poem a day
to a certain online literary site
whose editor has decided
to play a little game of his own
that being
to reject my poem each night
I copy one of my little works
paste it into an email
and write, “Dear Editor,
Please consider my following poem
for publication in your online journal.
Thanks so much
for your time and consideration.
Sincerely, Jackson Warfield”
and each morning he replies
in a less than personal manner
“Sorry to inform you, we will not
be using your work. Good luck
with it elsewhere, and please be aware
that we publish less than 1% of the entries
we receive.”
I’ve decided that if I submit one poem a day
even if I never wrote another poem
I would be able to bother this editor
for at least a few years
and hope and believe that
either one of my poems will hit
and be published because he likes it
or maybe because he just wants me
to stop submitting.
whether I finally get one published or not
it is a fun little game to play

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