Wednesday, August 19, 2009


garbage man
I want to be a garbage man
to spend my days
hanging on the back of a truck
jumping off now and then
to toss trash into the compactor
oh, to be a garbage man
to wear one of those neon jackets
and swear and growl and laugh
with the other garbage men
as we accelerate and brake through the days
disposing of the people’s refuse
if only I could be a garbage man
smell and feel
the stinky wind in my hair
the grime on my face
maybe a tin of tobacco in my pocket
yes, I want to be a garbage man
with good benefits and holidays off
paid vacations and security
I could be happy
leading my humble life
and every shower
would really mean something
I could go home in the evenings
to a clean apartment
a couple dogs
and a dozen beers
and the beers would mean something, too
I could sit on my couch
and enjoy the stillness and the quiet
and every morning I could get up
and throw it all away

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