Wednesday, August 26, 2009


reverse psychology
it doesn’t bother me
when I go into the Pizza Factory
over in the 800 Islington Street plaza
that the same man is always there
and when I walk in the door
he smiles and says, “two?”
assuming that I’ll be ordering
exactly what I order
every time I go in there
which is two slices of cheese pizza
but for a friend of mine
it’s a different story
he calls in for delivery
and when this man answers the phone
he recognizes the number
and after receiving the same order
so many times in a row
assumes the usual and says,
“the usual?”
but upon hearing this my friend hesitates
and suddenly changes his order
he told me he does this
because he doesn’t like
when somebody tells him what to do
what to eat and drink
and he also doesn’t want people to think
he’s becoming predictable
when I think about this I laugh
and wonder if maybe he’s taking it all
a little too seriously
or maybe he’s just been smoking a lot of pot

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