Friday, July 24, 2009


they were moseying
along the sidewalk
all five of them
mother, father
and three little bambinos
and I mean really moseying
they’d take a few steps
turn to each other and laugh
then take a few more steps
stop and talk a bit
laugh again
and continue on
when they came upon a flower bed
set up in a concrete slab
the father stopped first
bent down
and began sniffing
at all the different flowers
after satisfying his sense of smell
he beckoned to the others
who had been watching him the whole time
he motioned towards which ones to smell first
which ones were the best
which smelled the strongest
which weren’t as pleasant
one by one
while the others waited patiently
each member of this happy family
sniffed away at the flowers
and upon finishing
looked up and towards the father
smiled and laughed
and nodded their agreements
it was as if the Whos
had escaped from Whoville
to explore my fair city
and to wonder at its simple amazements
but soon after they’d gone
as soon as they were out of sight
my fair city went back to normal
when a pair of women walked up
to that same bed of flowers
and one put her hands on the cement slab
for support
and puked all over the sidewalk

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