Tuesday, July 14, 2009


by the way
where is Ron, the fireman?
has anybody seen
this dear friend of mine?
he is fifty something years old
drinks like a man should drink
fights like a man should fight
works like a man should work
and saves lives
like it’s his job
because it is his job
he is Ron, the fireman.
never in my life
have I met a better man
and I want to know
goddamn it
where is Ron, the fireman?
he has a couple moles
on his handsome face
and his voice is soft and smooth
and when you speak to him
it is like speaking to no other man
because this one
he actually listens
so if you’ve seen my friend
Ron, the fireman
please tell him that I miss him
and that I am interested in meeting up
preferably at our old haunt
(he’ll know where I mean)
because as usual
there is a shortage of decent men in the world
and just to know that he is still alive
still out there kicking ass
and saving lives
well, that would make my day
and I really wouldn’t mind
my day getting made

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