Thursday, July 9, 2009


there were two of them
hopping across the bricks
one found a crumb
a large crumb
he tried to wolf it right down
but couldn’t fit the whole thing
into his mouth
so he dropped it
and right afterwards
the other jumped in and stole the crumb
the first finch paid him no mind
the crumb already forgotten
like, “fuck it. That’s how it goes.”
the birds
the insects
all the animals
they have learned to accept every reality
that is administered to them
to take whatever life throws
or drops
to live in the will of god
or by the chance of fate
but man
we bitch and moan
hoping and expecting the world to move for us
in our favor
every time
at every moment
of every day
like gamblers on the roulette wheel
who feel they deserve to win every spin
I took a drink from my mug of tea and thought
“well, even the birds have figured it out
and someday, so will I.”

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