Wednesday, July 15, 2009


the idea of going to the beach
or to the park
to do a bit of reading
is all well and good
but when I get there
I find it very uncomfortable
because I never bring a chair
I’m always shifting around
trying it on my back
holding my book in front of the sun
or on my stomach
with my back bent and arched
and aching
even on my sides
my head on my shoulders
but it’s just not that comfortable
so in my older age
I give up more quickly
and go sit on a park bench
and when I get too tired to read anymore
I so easily lean over onto my side
use the book as a pillow
and wait for the night
for somebody to have pity
and cover me with newspapers
because for some reason, to me
bums seem to be some of the most comfortable
people in the world
when you’re used to nothing
you learn to accept anything

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