Thursday, July 2, 2009


the funeral was running late
because the dead man
hadn’t shown up yet
you can have a funeral
without a dead man
but some people
like to gaze upon the dead
to be sure that they are really, truly dead
that they’re not just faking it
trying to get out of work
or going clothes shopping with the wifey
the funeral director
he was running about
asking at first
then begging and pleading
“where is the dead man? Where is he?”
but the dead man
he was nowhere to be seen
after nearly an hour
people started wandering off
scoffing and sighing and shaking their heads
“this was no funeral,” one woman said.
“this was a total sham.,” said another
the funeral director
he was now begging and pleading
for the grievers to stay
it was like his kingdom
was falling apart at the seams
like his funeral home was Troy
and he was watching it burn
the dead man
he was watching it all
from behind a tree
across the street from the funeral home
when everyone was gone
and the funeral director was seated
clasping his head in his hands
the dead man crept past him
stepped into the empty casket and smiled
“now, this is more like it!”