Thursday, July 9, 2009


while walking a dog
I almost bought
a camper van
I have no money
to buy a camper van
nor any place
for which to park it
but those things
those trifles
did not cross my mind today
while walking a dog
when I almost bought
a camper van
what appealed to me
about this camper van
was that it was parked
on some loser road
in some loser driveway
and I thought that if
just if
I bought that camper van
the previous owner
might let me hide out in there
for a bit
let me lie down to rest
amongst the mice and the mildew
with which this old camper van
was surely infested
might let me wallow away a few days
in this old camper van
that surely wasn’t going anywhere
but on a tow truck
to the salvage yard
and I was thinking
not even that deep down
that maybe I could go there with it
to the salvage yard
and be taken apart
piece by piece
until the only thing left of me was a frame
which nobody would recognize
and I could then finally
be at peace
with the world
and the gods
and the heavens and hells
but while gazing at this old camper van
the dog I was walking
the old mutt
he decided to take a shit
right there in the grass
in front of the camper van
and so instead of buying this thing
somehow, someway
I decided against it
and to instead
pick up the shit
toss it in a garbage can
walk the dog home
get in my car
finish up walking the other dogs
go back to the bar
drink way too much
wake up the next morning
and again think about buying
that old camper van
if not for any other reason
than it would be a good place to hide out
and weather through another day’s hangover

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