Friday, July 10, 2009


maybe in the rebel days
the pipes were made to be that loud
so that the biker gangs
when they road into town
would alert everybody
of their presence
with the tremendous roar
of all those bikes
rolling together
daring anybody to mess with them
but nowadays
when the rebels
have all but died out
or sold out
the loud pipes seem a bit extravagant
a bit too over the top
who needs to be heard
from miles away?
only Thor
would enjoy pipes that loud
it seems to me
these people with these motorcycles
with pipes that startle the birds
ten blocks away
they are trying to make up for something
as though they don’t feel at ease
with their own presence
they must make it known
to everybody
of their whereabouts
by some other means
some other method
I am very glad
my little Honda Rebel 450
has a pleasantly hushed rumble
and even though I do enjoy
wearing my cowboy boots when I ride
the cloppity-clop of the heels
towards the coffee shop
after parking my bike
make for a much louder entrance
that I ever would want

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