Friday, July 24, 2009


it came in around four in the afternoon
and I drank with it all night
we got cut off at the bars
so I came home and hit the whiskey
then passed out in my bed
I woke up in blood and drool
and it was on the futon
in the other room
shivering under a small towel
I offered it a beer
and we started in again
then we went back out
to the bar that opens at 7 AM
it fed dollar bills into the jukebox
all sorts of great country songs
and I beat it in pool a couple times.
later in the night I had to go to work
so it went to a different bar
blacked out, threw up
and found itself drinking
with one of my ex girlfriends
one that had really bashed my heart in
it said this to piss me off
but it didn't piss me off
and after it stopped by the bar where I was working
and looked inside and said,
“this place sucks.”
it wandered off down the street
when I got back home at just past 1 AM
it wasn’t anywhere to be seen
and when I woke up to piss at 5 AM
it still wasn’t there
but then at 8 AM when I woke up to piss again
there it was
curled up on my futon
shivering under the same towel
all the lights were on
and trash covered the floor
and every horizontal space
was populated by a beer bottle
some empty
some full
most somewhere in between
I shook my head and said to myself,
“there it is, one of my best friends.
But, hell! When will it ever leave?”

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