Sunday, April 6, 2008


I was moving my few things
into my new apartment.
A guy I'd met before
on some wild night a few years back,
he was living there too.
He came up to me as I walked along and said,
"listen, I don't like anybody here."
"oh, yeah?"
"yeah, you should know that.
I don't like anybody, anywhere."
"all right."
"and that includes you."
"sure, whatever. I'll keep that in mind."
He watched me as I kept making runs,
back and forth,
between my truck and my room,
moving in a lamp or a book shelf.
I wondered what he was after.
Maybe he thought he was the first person
I'd ever met,
who didn't like other people,
who didn't like me.
I looked at him and laughed.
"oh, it's just a big world of fools!"

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