Friday, April 18, 2008


He called me up late one night,
and I was damn glad to hear from him.
“hey!” he shouted. “what’s up, MANNN?”
“ah, nothin’. I’m in western Australia.
Where are you these days?”
“I’m in Brisbane. Two more weeks to get to,
CANNNNS! I’m just drinking Jaeger nowadays.
Jaeger all the time,
but now I can’t afford the Red Bull,
so I just drink Jaeger!!”
“oh, nice-“
“how’d you get out there, to WESTern Australia?”
“I hitch hiked. Spent ten dollars on transportation!”
“oh! I spent ten dollars at Subway for dinner!”
We both laughed.
“so, what are you doing there, in WESTern Australia?”
“I’m house sitting. It’s boring as hell,
but I’ve got some wine to drink, so it’s okay.”
“oh! Okay, okay!”
“hey, did Zandra get the job as a lab rat?”
“no, no! She used some face cream that had,
I don’t know. Had something in it...”
“ah, those fuckers. They didn’t like her face cream?!
Ho ho! They didn’t like my sleeping pills, either.
Ha! Those fuckers!”
“yes, those fuckers!”
“so, you’ll be in Cairns in a few weeks?”
“yes, yes! Will you join me on the Jaeger train?”
“I don’t know, man. If I don’t get work here,
within a week, I’m goin’ to Perth.
If I don’t get work there,
then I’m going to start making my way east again.”
“okay, okay, so I’ll see you in CANNNS?”
“ah, you fucker. I hope so. I need work so bad,
but, fuck! I’d much rather meet up with you
and drink Jaeger all day and night.”
“ah, ha ha. I know, I know. Okay, well...”
“I’m sure we’ll run into each other again.”
“yes. I’ll see you then?”
“see you then. Stay crazy!”
“you too, MANNN!”
“see you later, Sebbe.”
“ahhhh hahahaha. Bye!”

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