Friday, April 18, 2008


We were sitting out on a curb,
Across the street from some club.
Nothin’ else to do,
When you didn’t have money for beers.
Or as in their cases,
Either didn’t drink,
Or weren’t drinking because of the long drive home.
So there we sat,
Watching people walk past,
Duck into alleys to puke or piss,
Then come spinning out again,
Sometimes just falling onto the sidewalks,
And staying there.
We were hoping to see a fight,
Or something of any interest.
Plenty of cute girls were going into the club,
But then there’d be a cover charge,
And a bunch of rules and regulations.
No sandals, no hats, no t shirts, bullshit!
Finally two girls approached us,
One skinnier than the other.
The skinnier one had black hair and braces,
With an otherwise pretty face.
“jesus,” I wondered. “how old are these girls?”
The skinnier girl, Maxine, she asked us,
“oh my god. Have you seen Hayden?”
She looked from one of us to the other,
Down the line.
We all shook her heads.
“well, he’s my ex. And he’s being a total cunt!”
“well, all right then.”
She looked at us incredulously.
“no, he really is. wait-
do you guys even know who I am?”
We all shook our heads again.
“oh my god! You don’t know me from MySpace?
I have like, twenty three thousand friends!”
“well,” I said. “it’s a big world out there.
Lots of people. Even more than there are on MySpace.”

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