Wednesday, April 28, 2010


oh, sleep!
you fucking prude!
why won’t you bed down with me


why do you taunt and tease me
with quick caresses
and pecks on the cheek?

I want to grab you by the dreams
and lie on top of you
pin you down
arms raised above your head
legs spread eagle

I want to open you up
come inside you

and remain there
in that missionary position
of unconsciousness
that delicious state of rest

for days


you should keep me company for a month
you fickle little prig!

let this sore body heal
let the black and blue and yellow cells
let the dead cells be born again

scrub me off
and rub me down
with that magic you possess
that ability to rejuvenate a tired body
a tired soul
in a tired world

and finally, sleep
do this for me: rid me of my habits
that keep you so far away

1 comment:

jkdavies said...

This is wonderful, I love the personification of sleep, and the idea that sleep can scrub off parts of you.