Thursday, April 1, 2010


at the check out
in Wal-Mart
I had the idea
that I’d like to buy some gum

it’s nice to have an idea
and then be able to realize that idea
instant gratification
and for not very much money, either

but as soon as I had the thought
and looked over the shelf
I found myself lost
with how many options there were

some gum came in little squares
others in long sticks
some had crunchy shells
some soft

there were packs of 12 pieces
and others of 14
some even contained 16
(strange how there were no packs
with odd numbers of pieces?)

all told
I counted over fifty varieties
of chewing gum

enough for each state in this country
to have their own flavor
enough for a different pack
for ever week of the year

enough for there to be
way too many choices

I didn’t buy any gum today at Wal-Mart
instead, I went home
sat on my stoop
and smoked a cigarette

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