Wednesday, April 28, 2010


she was cutting a client’s hair
and I was in the salon
with Lola
the owner’s French Bulldog
and then without looking away from
the client’s hair

she said, ‘we heard some real horror stories
about you.’

I took a step back
and tried for the hundredth time
to recall what the hell happened to me
on Sunday night

where I went
and who I was with

and I said, ‘uh oh.’

then Lola jumped up on her leg
and she said, ‘some real horror stories
about eating window sashes
and car seats.’

I looked at her
and with a big sigh of relief

said, ‘oh, you mean Lola. You heard horror
stories about her, not me?’

she stopped cutting her client’s hair
and laughed

we all laughed

and after I left with Lola
after I walked down the stairs
back out to the street

I still had many unanswered question
about Sunday

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