Wednesday, April 28, 2010


there were three of them
not bad looking
in their early forties
if I had to guess

they stopped in front of me
where I was standing on the step
outside of the bar

and the loudest one asked, “you got dancing
in there? We want to dance! Where the
hell do you go dancing in this town?”

they all looked at each other and laughed
and the other two said, “yeah, dancing!”

I told them there was a place
about a block away
with a dance club in the upstairs
and that it was the only place in town
where they had a dance floor.

the louder one said, “why don’t you
come with us? Come dancing with us, okay?”

“I wish I could, dear, but I’ve got to work.”

“oh, screw work! Come dancing
with us instead. You’re a good – looking
young man.”

she looked at the others
who nodded
and she said, “come on, you young buck!
Let’s go dancing!”

the three of them were jumping around
having a hell of a time
and I considered leaving my post
my stupid doorman job

considered going out dancing
with a few older ladies
who could probably show me
a little bit about dancing
and a lot more about other things

but I knew it wouldn’t fly with the boss man
and I couldn’t stand to lose the job

“I really can’t, but I wish I could.”

“suit yourself!” the louder one laughed

and after they took a few strides
she looked back at me
then at her friends
and said, “shit, I’d hit that!”

and that’s how it usually goes for me
the wrong place
wrong time
wrong answer

wrong everything

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