Friday, February 8, 2008


So it had begun.
Gerard had arrived.
I was sitting there,
At the hotel bar,
Chain-smoking reds,
Slurping at Beer Chang,
Just trying to stay awake.
Then I saw this figure
Walk up the steps,
Over towards the lobby.
“mister fucking Gerard,”
I said to him.
He looked over,
Smiled that million dollar smile,
And it was on.
Beer after beer,
Smoke after smoke,
We talked and laughed,
And held great conversations,
Something of which I was
Badly in need.
Towards the end of the night,
as the sky lit up,
We stumbled up the stairs,
To our luxurious hotel room,
AC and private bathroom,
Four fuckin’ windows.
"Oh, Christ," I said,
"It's so goddamn good to see you."

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