Saturday, February 2, 2008


It was a bad idea.
We all knew it.
We were on the playground
and he told us to watch him.
He was about to slide down the fire pole,
Face first.
We didn’t bother to warn him.
We just stared, wide eyed,
to see if what we thought would happen,
would happen.
And it did.
He began to slide down,
Slowly at first,
Then faster,
until his face smashed into the concrete footing
at the bottom of the pole.
His nose and lips split open
and blood splashed everywhere.
We all looked around at each other,
nodding and saying, "yup."
After being sent off
to see the school nurse,
the teachers came out
And began to interrogate us as to
Whose idea it was,
who had put poor Abram
up to such an idiotic task.
We all denied taking any part in the proposal
and later on in the day when he returned to class,
he had stitches in his upper lip, a swollen nose,
and a silly but defiant grin on his face,
like he’d known what would happen all along,
like it was all part of his plan.

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