Thursday, September 2, 2010


at the bar
when I am working the door
if it is very slow
I get so bored sometimes
to pass the hours
and the minutes
I stand
uncomfortably close
to a couple
who appears to be out
on a date

and I watch
with much greed
as they eat their food
and drink their beers
and try to ignore my presence

and when it gets too awkward
for them to go on
with their date
their lives

I clear my throat and ask,
“is everything ok?”


jkdavies said...

I want to comment on all your stuff but that would be a bit obsessional ;)
but I love this one, the sense of a loner haunting "normal" people to see what life is like for them... if I haven't mis-read it?

jkdavies said...

And congratulations on getting featured @ negative suck! really enjoyed reading your stuff over there...