Sunday, September 5, 2010


when he contacts me
he says , ‘I have some green pepper pizza
and my cousin Molly is with me
and if you want
we could also get mushrooms
on that pizza, and if you’re looking
to party, I could help you out with that, too.
Just calling, because I’m in
your neck of the woods.”

but what he is saying
is that he is outside my house
and he has a bag with him
and in that bag
he has probably a few ounces of grass
a few grams of pure MDMA
probably an ounce of mushrooms
and more cocaine than I could do in a week

but I’ve gotten pretty good at telling him, ‘sorry, man.
I just ate dinner and I’m gonna take it easy tonight.’

1 comment:

Jackson Warfield said...

...and the add that immediately followed

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Have you been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs?"

No, thankfully, I have not.