Friday, September 3, 2010


in Market Square
there are people picketing
and all of them
are elderly
or at least baby boomers
now retired

they wave and hold signs
and smile
and they shout at you
to honk your horn for their causes

they are against
corporate greed
and never-ending wars

sometimes I wonder if
they really care
or if maybe
they are just bored
looking for a reason
to get out of the house
or even out of bed
on a Monday morning
or Friday afternoon

but when I see their faces
when I get up close
it seems they have true concern
for the fate of this country
this world

like they still believe
in hope
or something

but when I see them later
sitting around a table
at a coffee shop
mingling and having fun
content with their day’s work

I wonder if I should tell these people
about this younger generation
how we just don’t care

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