Monday, March 1, 2010


in the old days
which are never so long ago
you’d walk into the airport
with your ticket
check your bags
and go your departure gate
wait for an hour or so
and then board your plane.
not so anymore.
today you go into the airport
with your ticket
wait in line to have it verified
leave your bag in a pile
of bags
walk over to a different station
have them verify your ticket
and your identification
walk back to the line
wait a bit longer
check your bag
get your boarding pass
go through security
which includes
removing your shoes
walking through
a metal detector doorway
having a wand waved around
in front and behind you
and if you’re unfortunately selected
get patted down
and taken into a little booth
to answer questions
then you put your shoes back on
walk to your departure gate
go through another checkpoint
where they open your bag
and root around
and then you wait for two hours
and board your plane.
I do not feel that any invention
any technology
or anything at all
is making life any easier

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