Saturday, March 13, 2010


it was the summertime and
we’d been drinking
on the back porch
for a week
when one of us had the idea
that maybe that night
we’d take it easy.
go out to the bars and
only have a few
try to meet some girls
or at least remember the whole night.
so we had a couple beers before leaving
then walked over to the bar
it was early and the bar was empty
so we got a table
and ordered a round of beers.
after that round we ordered another

when I woke up in the morning
all I could remember
was finding a skateboard
stashed in the woods
and riding it home

from bed
I yelled out to my friend
who did not answer
then around ten o’clock
he came walking in
looking like he normally does
after spending the night
in jail

after a brief discussion
he said to me that the only thing
he remembered
was that at the end of the night
he crawled out of the bar
on his hands and knees
right into the feet of a couple cops.

‘when they saw me,
they told me I had three options: call a taxi,
call a friend, or go with them.’

‘so, what’d you do?’

he smiled big and laughed, ‘I stood up,
put my hands behind my back
and said, ‘let’s go.’’

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