Tuesday, March 23, 2010


the clutter builds up
right here on my desk
headphones and sunglasses
baseball hats
and books
keys, pens and a roll of toilet paper
to blow my ever-running nose
corks to wine bottles
stained purple
and a comb
to replace my last comb
which I broke
because on the side it read


and I didn’t believe it.

two brands of chapstick
receipts and papers
W-2 forms
a pile of coupons
that will grow and shrink
as every few weeks
I weed out the ones which have expired
and add ones newly acquired
never actually using any

but the typewriters, hell
they’re everywhere!
I could have chosen methamphetamine
or murder
but instead I am addicted
to buying typewriters!

I rub my dry eyes
blow my runny nose
and watch the pictures
get more crooked on the walls

the walls that are closing in
the ceiling that is coming down
with every breath
every blink
every cluttered thought

that’s right, the clutter is on my desk!

get up!
get up and go out there
and fight!
never stop fighting
to make your experience in this world
exactly as you’d like it to be

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