Monday, February 15, 2010


where the river meets
the sea
and the moon shivers overhead
smirking in his own
dying light
where without notice
or planning
the lizard drops his tail
and the pineapples rot
where the earth hums a horny tune
and the virgin pleasures herself
with a dull butter knife
where the men play five card stud
betting their sins
and the waitresses choke
on splendid measures of musical notes
where the night dies slowly
and the dawn is
born still
and the steel toed jackboot
meets the ass
with too much zeal
where the giant butterflies
their wings still flapping
are pinned to the cell walls
with electric stingrays
where the insect corpses lie sweating
in black piles
and the empty bottle
still yields wine
the human being crawls out from his bath
of brackish birth
and by the reproduction of his thoughts
he causes the world to exist

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