Tuesday, October 20, 2009


in and outers
the two girls approached me
and began asking questions
about what it was like
inside the bar
it’s too much for some people
to just walk in
look around
and leave if they don’t like it
they want to know
before they even go in.
first they asked about live music
and then about dancing
I told them they could dance
and listen to live music
then they asked if it was dead
and if so, when it picked up
I told them there were already
some people there
and more would be arriving
afterwards they asked about the crowd
whether it was a younger or older crowd
because they wanted a younger crowd
I answered, “a bit of both.”
finally they decided
that they’d go in and give it a try
and thirty seconds later
they came rushing out
and the shorter of the two
said to me, “ewww. You didn’t tell us
it smelled like BO in there!”
I kicked my stomped my foot on the sidewalk
spit into the gutter
and said, “well, you didn’t ask.”

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